Why List With Us?

We are here to help you sell your camper! We’ve built VIntageCamperTrader to offer a curated marketing & sales process for your camper. Our platform is feature rich and user friendly, and we are constantly at work developing better systems to help you convert interest into dollars! Have a look below at some of our features and user experience.

Three Types of VintageCamperTrader Listings

Coming Soon: Campers by Dealer and Aftermarket Parts

Listing Prices

We are just getting off the ground, so if you’d like to post for FREE, email us for a coupon code!

Listing Packages:
Basic, Basic+ & Featured

There are three types of listing packages: Basic, Basic Plus, and Featured.  All options have the same amount of listing content (10 photos, etc.), and the primary differences are the varying levels of social media marketing features.

Listing Promotions

All Listings can also be promoted on the website and our socialfor 3days ($10), 5days ($20) or 7days ($25). During your promotion, your listing is given top level listing priority and listed above Featured and Basic listings on our website’s search results and Homepage. 

A huge additional benefit to promotions for any listing using the Featured or Featured+ Listing packages is that your Promoted listings are also promoted on Social Media (we pay to advertise them). (Unfortunately we cannot offer this option without an Instagram Post of your listing, which comes with the top packages).

Listing Dashboard, analytics & Edits

Once you’ve posted your listing, your Listing Dashboard allows you to track views and interest for your listing.  You can also edit your listing at any time, including the price, photos and any other details. Our favorite part is that the viewer analytics can help inform any edits or changes you might want to make to the listing to improve interest and sales, or timing your promotions!

Mobile friendly Intuitive Search, & Easy listing process

We spend a great deal of time building the perfect way to help you search and find what you are looking for. From Map-based searches to clean and visually appealing listings that give you all the info without overwhelming with data, we love using our own website, and hope you will too.

Frequently asked Questions

What is the success rate for selling vehicles?

Success rate is a tough one, because some sellers price their vehicles "above market" so it takes a while, and others price fairly and they go quickly, while others never let us know it has sold... but we often get messages of campers selling within a week of posting it, or even the same day... but the average seems to be about 2-3 months if prices are at the mid to upper end of the range, and about 4-8 weeks if priced on the mid to lower end...

Can I get a refund?

We do not refund listings. Once you post the transaction is completed. That being said, we are here to help you, so please contact us and we can see how to help. If your listing package expires before you have a chance to sell your vehicle, you can renew the listing without having to rebuild it, and you can re-list with any package.

How long does it take to post?

On average, if you have all your information and photos, it takes about 5mins to post and you are live and viewable. Posts will be reviewed by our team (Usually within a day) to see if there is anything out of whack. You can edit your listing at anytime. Make sure to review your post once it is live to catch any mistakes you might have made. Good Luck!

Will you help me figure out the value of my vehicle?

Putting a value or price on your vehicle can be tough. We cannot, for liability reasons, help you do that. Our best advice, however, is to search our listings and other websites for comparable vehicles to get a feel for market value. You might also consider how much you bought it for, how much you put into it, and how much you've used it. Lastly your price will probably be dependent on how fast you need to sell. Now put all those factors together, and you'll find your price. Know that you can always change it after you publish your listing, as often as you want.

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List with us and lose the bots!

We're all tired of spam and scams when buying or selling online. We built VintageCamperTrader.com to try to make buying fun again and selling stress free, plus we just love vintage campers! Our website is quickly becoming the better way to buy & sell your next Camper!