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Sales Checklist

California’s Department of Motor Vehicles now provides online access to buy and transfer ownership in a vehicle online. Here is a checklist of what you need to do:

  • If it’s a private sale, review the title to make sure the seller and the owner are the same; if not, the seller must provide you with sufficient written and verifiable evidence that he or she has the owner’s direct authority to sell the vehicle. If not, wait until you received such verification before proceedings.
  • The next step is to complete the title information form, including the odometer reading, signature of all parties, including any lienholder and the price paid. You will also need to separate and mail the release of liability section of the power of attorney,
  • The online form requires that you provide the additional information:
    • Your Driver’s license
    • Your Vehicle License plate number
    • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
    • Legal Owner and/or Lienholder name and address.
    • Vehicle make, model and year.
    • Purchase date and price.
  • Make sure to verify the odometer’s accuracy, and state it on the title. The exception to this require is if the vehicle is at least ten years or old, commercial with a GVH or GCW of more than 16,000 pounds , or new and being transferred prior to the first retail sale of the vehicle.
  • Follow the prompts on the California Department Motor of Vehicles to upload and process the change in ownership. Click here > DMV Virtual Office


The choice in how you sell your RV or trailer (private sale or consignment) depends on several factors. This includes:

  • Are you able to research the marketplace to determine the fair market value for your RV and Trailer?
  • Is the vehicle or trailer located in an easily accessible place for potential buyers to inspect it?
  • Do you have ample time to show and demonstrate the RV or Trailer to numerous prospective buyers?
  • Are you comfortable with meeting strangers in person to show and sell the RV or trailer? Are you comfortable with potential buyers coming to your residence?
  • Are you able to answer questions regarding the type of equipment installed in the RV or trailer, and how it operates?
  • Do you have sufficient insurance to cover possible damage to the RV or utility if they request a test drive, which leads to an accident and injuries?
  • Are you comfortable gathering and copying the seller’s information, including driver’s license and proof of insurance?
  • Are you comfortable participating in the test drive with the prospective buyer(s)?
  • Are you comfortable creating the Bill of Sale, conducting the transaction and verifying payment before releasing the title and keys?

If you answered “YES” to each of these questions, then private selling may be your best and most profitable option.


If you answered “NO” to any of the aforementioned questions, then selling your RV or Trailer through consignment with Innovative RV is your best option.

Here are top ten reasons:

  • Innovative RV can determine the true market value
  • We have tremendous social media and website presence to showcase your RV or trailer;
  • We are centrally located in Ventura, California for those who seek a physical inspection;
  • We provide Prospective buyers with assurance and confidence as we will conduct a 40-point safety and operational inspection;
  • We have the experience and knowledge to handle all repairs that may be requested by the Buyer or to increase the value and price of the RV or Trailer for the Seller.
  • We handle all the transactional and verification processes of the purchase agreement;
  • Our computer program works seamlessly with the California Department Motor of Vehicles to transfer title;
  • We can assist the buyers, if needed, to find financing to buy your RV or Trailer;
  • We can provide a variety of incentives for Buyers including a discount in future repair needs to upgrading the interior or equipment to performing a complete renovation; and
  • We may be able to offer Buyers the incentive of a trade-in for another RV or Trailer to create the sale.

Helpful Links – California

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